About Me:

Hi. My name’s Ruchi. I used to be an eco-blogger who blogged about how I never bought things and how I gave up toilet paper. But frankly, that got tiring after several years, and I started using toilet paper again and now I’m getting married and let’s not talk about the consumption involved in that. So I stopped blogging.

About the Blog:

I started this site to get a fresh start. This blog will be a space for me to talk about whatever the hell I want to talk about. Which yes, sometimes might be about environmental stuff, but that won’t be the focus.

About the Name of My Blog:

Arduous was my dad’s name for me and what he always used to call me. It’s based on the fact that 1) it’s the word I missed on the fourth grade spelling bee (damn Indian parents will never let you forget!) 2) It sounds like the initials for my actual name (R-D-S) 3) because I’m difficult. My dad passed away a few years ago, so he’s not around to call me Arduous. Names fade away if they’re never used and the blog name is a way of keeping that name alive.

About the Super Ghetto Appearance:

What? I moved from Blogger to WordPress which looks nominally better. When I have scores of free time or money to blow, I’ll prettify this up. Don’t hold your breath.


One response to “About

  1. Hey Ruchi, I understand totally about being burnt out on green blogging! (But still, you will always be considered part of Green Moms Carnival – and welcome to join back in griping about the environment at any time. 🙂

    I started a totally different blog too – for some of the same reasons (http://princessdianasgift.wordpress.com/2011/12/23/introducing-princess-dianas-gift/ ) And I blog about marketing and other stuff here: http://www.4greenps.com/blog-/bid/75642/Starting-Fresh-in-2012-Marketing-Lessons-from-2011

    The point is, you are still concerned about environmental issues and doing what you can – I think you can reach MORE people who actually NEED education and support in a “non-green” blog than you can in the “deep green” blog world, where so often we end up preaching to the deep green choir and focusing on obscure trade-offs ….when there is so much more we can do out in the “real world.”

    Anyway, have missed you, hope all is well, and have fun with the blog!

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