Good Intentions, I Have So Many

Sigh. I was doing so well, comparatively speaking, posting in August. And then the month of September came, and whoops.

The posts kept piling up in my head, and yet somehow never made it to the page.

And yet, there is nothing worse than reading a blog post making excuses for why said blogger didn’t post more, so enough about all that.

Let’s move on and talk about my hair!

You see, I am currently fulfilling my bridal destiny by growing out my hair. And while this is fine for most brides, it is problematic for me because I am really, really freaking lazy.

There are lot of people who can get away with the tousled “bed head.” Other people look super sexy when they look like they just woke up. But we curly people? Mostly just look like demonic Miss Frizzles.

That is why almost every other curly haired person I know has an extremely long morning routine including daily washings, conditionings, special drying, and producting.

I do none of these things.

In fact, I do not do my hair. Or rather, my idea of doing my hair, is pulling it in a pony tail and then trying to tame the frizzies by clamping down on them with about a thousand bobby pins.

This works for an hour or two, but at the end of the day when I come home from work and look in the mirror, what do I inevitably see?

Who else but demonic Miss Frizzle. With several barely-hanging-in-there bobby pins to boot.

I am looking forward to cutting my hair after the wedding, but really, I need something more drastic.

I need a hair cut that requires no maintenance, something virtually impossible for curly haired people. As I see it, my options are probably shaved head or military buzz cut. Or I could learn to wake up early and do my hair like a goddamn adult.

So, military buzz cut it is.

7 responses to “Good Intentions, I Have So Many

  1. Have you ever read the curly girl book?

  2. Ru, have you tried a sock bun when you’re sleeping? I’m sure you’ve tried everything, but I just found sock buns on YouTube and they definitely work to give my super-straight hair a little bounce, so they might do the opposite and help tame your curls a little overnight (?). Here’s the YouTube link: I’ve always been so jealous of my mop-curled friends!!

  3. Ha! I think that whatever kind of hair somebody has, they always think that some other kind is easier or somehow better. I have wavy hair, and I spent years lamenting that if it was only either straight or curly it would be so much better. I spent a fortune on various products trying to get the ends not to stick out like straw, or to get it to lay flat over the cowlick etc, etc, etc.

    I finally made peace with my hair and now I LOVE it. Yes, I went radical and stopped using shampoo. Now I’m “no poo” (baking soda wash and citric acid rinse – because I hate the smell of vinegar). But seriously, a little coconut oil and the ends curl right up, and after three years I’ve finally grown out all of the damaged hair, and it looks fabulous. I NEVER “do” my hair anymore… and only have to wash it once or twice a week. It’s become popular to go “no poo” for environmental reasons these days, but for me it was pure vanity.

    I have a friend with super curly ringlet type hair, and she finally had success with the “curly girl” system… which is basically washing with conditioner only and no shampoo.

  4. It’s all about the coconut oil. I keep my hair short (between jaw and chin), wash with Dr. Bonner’s and slather on some coconut oil before letting it air dry. The first thing I say to every hair dresser is “low maintenance is key.” I don’t have to wash it every day, just get it a bit wet to flatten out any frizzies. Hope that you find a look that’s easy for you!

  5. You may or may not remember that I had the buzz cut for about a year. It was the best hair cut I ever had. It was easy, predictable, and striking. I say go for it. If you can’t bring yourself to that, maybe really short works. You have to get it cut at least once a month, but you don’t have to deal with it every morning.

  6. Suzanne, I have not read the book, although I do go to a hair salon that follows the Diva Curl method so I think I know some of the main lessons?

    Tika, also not tried the sock bun, although that might work with my extreme laziness.

    EcoCatLady, yes, the curly girl hair system basically works for me … except that it means that at the very least I have to get my hair wet every morning which is problematic since I usually run in the evening.

    Tintedgreen, yes, again the getting it wet every morning is the problem for me. I am really unspeakably lazy.

    Alice, I don’t remember the buzz cut, but of course, I know that you have had super short hair. Somehow though, I feel like you looked like cute pixie, and I would … not. My hair is also very thick so that’s another issue to contend with. We’ll see….

  7. Hi hair twin!

    I went through the same thing before my wedding; it drove me nuts having my hair that long! At some point the weight of the hair just started pulling the curls out, and it went all straggly and frizzy.

    My hair routine is very low maintenance – shampoo, conditioner, comb, work in some anti-frizz cream (works better for me than mousse, and MUCH better than serum), tilt head, scrunch, air-dry. It works fine as long as I don’t go outside before it’s fully dry – if I do go outside with wet hair, it gets all frizzy.

    I will have to look up this curly girl book!

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